J’adore designer, cotton canvas bags!

J’adore designer, cotton canvas bags!

Some people mark a particular date in February’s calendar with the exchange of gifts and affection, but why wait for someone else to buy you a gift!

Here are my top picks for a little treat to yourself this month. Go on, why not!

Esha is our small handbag, pictured here in bright, Tomato Red. Also available in Andaman Blue and Black, Esha is compact, but fits a surprising amount inside due to its square-shaped base.

Perfect for: daytrips where you want to carry just a few essentials.

Malaika is our hobo-style bag. The slouchy, crescent-shaped bag is a great sized bag for everyday use.

Easily compliments a range of different outfits from your work wardrobe to your weekend shopping looks.

Alia is our smallest canvas bag – available in six different colourways – seen here in Terracotta Red. Our version of the classic clutch bag, which also comes with a handy coin purse.

A super little accessory to pack into your suitcase as a lightweight bag for daytrips or evenings out.

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