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We're a brand born from a passion for fashion, design and practical living whilst looking fabulous.

What Adjustus means to us

I have worked in fashion and retail for many years, but in 2015 I decided to fulfil my dream to design and produce a range of unique, must-have bags made from the beautiful Indian art of handloom fabric.

Handlooming is an extensive practice, taking up to three months to make just one roll of fabric. It has been a pleasure working with the skilled and passionate team in Kerala, southern India, who have brought my creations to life. They inspired me to name the company after my grandfather, Adjustus, born in 1922 in the Czech Republic, at a time when artists and designers sought to truly raise the status of a craft and produce genuinely modern, well-made items.

My bags are designed to be strong and durable, lasting through the seasons and complimenting any outfit; each of them becoming a classic accessory. Each bag has been lovingly designed with its purpose in mind; ergonomics and functionality being just as important as the overall style and finishing touches. With each bag being gifted a name by the team in Kerala, we hope you find them as beautiful and unique as the Indian ‘royal’ names bestowed upon them!


Owner and designer